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I’m watching the new finale tomorrow. Spoilers are fine and expected for any of her works in this thread, because I’ve seen most of them and partially this is about my perception of her as a person, seen through her artistic works. And I wrote a couple of vaguely spoilery things that will only confuse you if you haven’t gotten close to the end, not ruin it.

I’ve seen a few interviews, mostly late night style, that give off a very strong vibe of her being a vaguely pretentious, self-involved person with high intelligence and a very high opinion of herself. I feel like most people talking about themselves and their lives the way she does would be completely insufferable to be around, but everything she’s been a partner in the writing and artistic creation of has seemed so deeply meaningful to me.

This season in particular has me wondering if everything she’s produced will eventually link together. I can see how OA could eventually become some version of Maggie (Sound of my Voice) and how the eye symbolism easily links to I Origins. The multidimensional link between souls on different planes of existence could be compared to Another Earth and indeed that could be an eventual accidental side effect of interdimentional travel on a larger scale, or from an attempt to recreate the movement-making cubes, whether by malfunction or attempts to magnify the effects of them.


I honestly can’t even hold a proper conversation out loud about this show without becoming emotional. It’s having a huge effect, obviously, and I’m having a hard time articulating the effects of her works as a whole. I’m considering how impactful her body of work will become, if she keeps being given these chances to create more and more mainstream-accessible (and simultaneously more and more complex) projects. I remember how long it took me to manage to find a copy of Sound of my Voice, and to compare that relatively obscure work to a multi season Netflix series and the number of people who will likely see it, it’s a huge jump.

I’m sitting on my couch starting a sentence I can’t find a way to finish : “I think she’s becoming the next...” What? The next somebody, the next something? The next defining artist of her chosen medium, the next beginning of a new artistic era. I can’t think of any single actor or producer or writer who has had a body of work this interesting to me personally. Let alone capable of doing all 3 at once, consistently, and better at each when she is allowed to do them all than when expected to pull back and do only one of those tasks.

I don’t even know how to describe the sensation, other than it feeling like a seismic shift in what we create in film. Like what people want to watch has shifted to something strange and tangled and enlightening.

Anyways I love it, and like I’ve been saying for the last 7 years, if she decides to really start a cult, I’m joining.

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