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The obligatory semester start post

The semester hasn't even started yet but already I'm a bit crazy.

  1. It took 20 minutes to set up the course website. We're using a content management system developed by the university, and of course, it makes less sense than blackboard, which I've at least figured out after many years. It might not have been bad except I had to teach the instructor how to do it, because only he had access to the rosters to create it, without playing with it on my own time beforehand. Mostly, I was running late to a meeting.
  2. I have to do online ethics training. It could be a lot worse, but apparently I've gotten a question wrong. It's enough to pass, but I don't know the question I got wrong, so now I'm a little freaked out. WHAT DON'T I KNOW THAT I'M SUPPOSED TO KNOW? WHY WON'T YOU TELL PEOPLE WHAT EXACTLY IS WRONG ABOUT HOW THEY THINK? ISN'T THIS POOR TRAINING? YOU'RE SENDING PEOPLE INTO CLASSROOMS WITHOUT CORRECTING THEM. Also, there is a sexual harassment section coming up, and it will be embarrassing if I get stuff wrong.
  3. I need help.
    We're not allowed to give students accommodations without a letter from the disability services office. So I need help with phrasing, because I just learned that it's "person with disabilities" and that "disabled person" is not okay:

If you require accommodations, please let us know as soon as possible, and ensure that a letter is sent from the disability services office to the instructor, as we are not authorized to act without one. If you find that you need accommodations during the semester, please follow the same procedure. You can contact the disability services office here: ...


Is the second sentence necessary?

Here is how I feel:

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ETA: Kinja hates my phone and iPad so I will fix the gif when I go in tomorrow at 8:30 because we have to reserve rooms for office hours by signing a physical sheet on the door. I am all sorts of grumpy.

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