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The Odd Couple 2015 ugh and ugh

First I am an unashamed huge fan of the Tony Randall and Jack Klugman version. These two men were born to play Felix and Oscar. If you ever saw Randall in an interview and removed Felix's hypocondria I often wondered where Randall and Felix divurged. Randall like Felix loved Opera and hosted the Live From The Met for many years.

Felix was arrogant and a manipulator along with being a hypocondriac and neatfreak. He was also confident in his attitude. Sometimes in retrospect I wonder if his hypocondria was not simply a form of manipulation.

Watching this version my mother beat me to it when she said that the actor playing Felix was.forcing it. He came across as a bundle of blah. He totally lacked the arrogance and manipulation along with confidence Randall's Felix had. With the poker buddies, TR's Felix would have talked everyone into trying his food and they would have liked it.


As everyone knows The Odd Couple dates from Broadway with the play written by Neil Simon. Simon's character was a very good cook. Randall carried that also. Many episodes the poker buddies werwe're concentrating more on eating then the game.

I was offended at one line. When a poker buddy made the gay joke about Felix. First its stereotype also never once in the play or show was this stereotype used. I thought it was a really cheap joke.

Also Matthew Perry I thought came across as Oscar lite. Oscar never had pretensies, what you saw was what you got. Jack Klugman did this perfectly.

This is suppose to be about anal repulsive vs anal retentive. Oscar is suppose to be a slob, disorderly but also see through ie what you saw was who he is. Klugman along with Walter Mathau from original.movie pulled this off. Felix is suppose tl be neat, orderly but also manipulating and arrogant. Randall was brilliant at this.


Also end scene felt off. Felix would have said "I am staying here because I know you need me,"

Anyone like this show? Also if you live in New England or anywhere with the MeTV network the original series is at 10pm edt.

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