I’ve been reading through a lot of “Ask a Manager” posts, and I saw this one:

In a very different scenerio, I was interviewing a bunch of candidates for a role in our department a couple weeks ago and the woman we ended up hiring got a kind of odd advantage that the others didn’t. My manager and I interviewed everyone together, but with the woman we ended up hiring, my manager was stuck in traffic behind an accident and was over an hour late. As a result, I did the interview by myself and asked her to wait around afterwards for my manager to get back instead of having her come in on a different day. While we were waiting, the two of us had a chance to sit informally for 40 minutes and just chat about movies and books and everything in a much more relaxed setting than anyone else got. In a way it almost seems unfair, but there was no way to duplicate that for anyone else (especially the ones who had already interviewed). In addition, it could have easily proven that she was a completely bad fit, so it’s not like we tried to stack the odds in this one woman’s favour.

At a previous job I had in customer service, I had someone call to confirm some details about a job posting that he had applied to and he was extremely rude to me. After we hung up, I went to our HR person and told her about the situation, and she discarded his resume based on that interaction alone (even if on paper he seemed great for the position).

It just makes me think again about the whole resume and interview process and how inefficient it can be at showing the true side of people applying for jobs when you compare it to interacting with people in a more normal setting. What do you think?