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The opinions over my last post about doctors/babies/pictures

They were very good and thoughtful. I will mull over it, I still am though very extreme about doctor/patient privacy. I would die if my doctors ever said "hey what about a picture for my wall". Also in a waiting room I never give my name to anyone nor ask theirs. Do I think of the .01 percent possibilities? Yup. Thats how I think and was kinda raised to think. Do I post then think? Sometimes. I want to post about John Walsh but have to word it carefully.

Yes its good to disagree at times. Most of the times I post inconsequential stuff. Privacy for doctors/patients to me is something I find important and that article struck a nerve. The important thing is maybe I will mellow my opinion based on what some wrote, maybe I shouldn't dwell on the .01 percent chances nor be a privacy absolutist. I hope some see it from my perspective. I am also not offended what people wrote, some just have strong opinions like I do. Thats what makes GT great.


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