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The OT (open thread)

Hey gt ladies and gentleladies, it’s been a while. I don’t post much anymore these days, there has been so much going on in the world, my boring personal stuff seems hardly worth the letters it takes to write it. But now I do feel like I have something to share. Let’s open thread!

1. My therapist is proud of me you guys. She actually said that! She’s super proud of how well I’m taking all the different techniques, making them my own and applying them when I’m having troubles. Not only does this mean I’m becoming better equipped to work and life in general, I am also realising many things. Such as that a year ago my enjoyment of things would have not registered on a ‘was this time worth spending’ but others appraisap was, or that I hardly knew what I wanted at any given point in time, let alone make decisions to my benefit. Yay!

2. Remember creepy phone stalker guy? He was gone for the past 4 months and we thought he’d given up. But it would appear that last friday he called.. my dad.. 😐 After a proper awkward conversation (my dad is a soccer coach and he asked about that in a general way) he said that he wanted to marry his daughter.. my dad said that wouldn’t work because I had a nice boyfriend who probably wouldn’t like that. The guy asked if he could ‘take him’ and my dad was all ‘we’re lovers, not fighters’. Not long after he hung up. So yeah. That. Pls dont kill me and stuff me and marry me creepy phone stalker guy 😐🙏


3. Tomorrow is my birthday and boobieguy arranged for a surprise! All I know is that I have to meet him at central station and we won’t be eating or sleeping at home! I’m so excited! I’ll wake up on my birthday in a hotel or something!! 😃

Sooo.. hows things? Is everyones family okay with all the hurricanes over there?

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