I know Mother's Day has kinda been weird here on GT but I wanted to take the opportunity to recognize the other mothers, those not blood related or parental rights related but still encapsulate what being a "mom" is all about.

There are work moms, volunteer moms, school moms, school grandmas (did anyone's elementary school do this too?), moms at Sunday school or church/temple/house of worship, activist moms, spoken word moms, comedy moms, Moms Mabley (seriously, she should have a day all to herself), coffee shop moms, your friend's mom, restaurant owner mom, registrar office mom, absurdly nice woman working for the collection agency mom, workout mom, instructor mom, mental illness mom, psych ward mom, AA mom, NA mom, ACOA mom, LGBTQ mom, PFLAG mom, Kinja mom and it goes on and on.

Also and obviously, there are GroupThink moms. Those who have listened to us figure things out or vent when things go wrong, who urge us to follow our better angels and occasionally walk on the wild side with us. Those who know more about something than we do and want to share that knowledge. Issue and activist moms are abundant too! They tell us what's what and give us some tough love sometimes but are still there to help us lick our wounds and grow.

So thank you moms. All of you.