Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The Overly Long Story of Our Wedding and Other Things

The Rat Husband posted his long-in-the-writing story of our wedding on the Observation Deck, in case any one is interested in our ridiculous Doctor Who wedding love story. I figure I'd share here. Wish I could crosspost, but this shall do as well.


Enjoy! I'm going to hang out. We just watched Pacific Rim and it was AWESOME. I still have no voice, have been to my regular doctor, and now have nasal steriods and a new allergy med to take alongside the Z-Pac. I'm still getting some fevers, though, so I dunno. My doc thinks it's allergies or viral, but we are finishing the Z-Pac just in case. I'm probably going to go try and work tomorrow, though I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do, since my voice has shown absolutely no signs of returning. *sighs*

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