This is something GreenHunk and I were talking about the other day. I'm not religious anymore, but as many people here know I grew up very conservative. A lot of the Bible is pretty boring, especially to a kid.

But I can remember, distinctly, the first time I was ever interested in anything in the Bible. I was 7. I was in church, which meant I was bored out of my fucking mind. So I started randomly reading the Bible. I was a big bookworm as a kid but had a tough time getting through most of the Bible. Then I found the book of Job. I cannot express to you how excited I was to read the first few chapters of that book, the ones where Satan argues with God. It was so interesting! It was the most interesting thing I'd ever read in the Bible. Satan was so brave to question God that way, I remember thinking. He was asking the questions I always wondered. Then I felt super guilty, of course.

So basically, I'm just like Satan, I guess.

What about you?