Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Background: I've been working as a contract attorney at this small firm since October.

So, today all the support staff went to lunch for Administrative Professionals Day (which was April 23). After everyone left the walking-lawsuit-waiting-to-happen-because-of-the-unfortunate-things-he-says-partner came back to where my desk is. Upon seeing me still there he said (with a clearly shocked tone), "you didn't go with them?!" I simply replied, "well, I'm not support staff." Because I'm not and I'm fairly certain he knew that. I mean, sure, there's only one other female attorney in my office (my boss, in fact) but I promise young women can be attorneys. And then I learned from another attorney I work with (who had overheard the exchange with walking-lawsuit) that walking-lawsuit refers to the office support staff as "the girls." Oh and walking-lawsuit's paralegal is a guy.


This partner is always saying the most ridiculous/unfortunate things. Let's just say he and Donald Trump agree completely on the whole Donald Sterling fiasco. Oh, and let's not even talk about the time a Muslim man was praying outside our building.

So that was my day at work. I am obviously support staff and the support staff are merely "the girls."

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