Could you imagine asking a total stranger what you should do with your hair? Or your toenails? Well, yeah, of course you can.

But 2008's Dateline couldn't fathom it.

I stumbled on this piece when I was looking up more information on the CurlyGirl method (developed by delightful human Lorraine Massey) because I've never really done it properly and now I've become some kind of curly-hair scholar, mixing my own lavender spray and pineappling each night like I'm tending the world's most precious garden.


Either way, I know logically that 2008 was 6 years ago, and that a lot can change in 6 years. But the idea that we went from going, "Wha? Asking some randos what they think of your hair?!" to treating it like a pretty normal part of life is a little... odd.

While arguably GroupThink is different than posting a YouTube video and letting completely random people you've never interacted with comment on your appearance or offer you grooming advice, the question still remains: why do we do it? Is it indeed that we think random strangers are more likely to be honest with us than our loved ones? How did this become normal so quickly?

Anyway, enjoy this trip back in the Not So Way Back Machine.