Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

At a church fair today I bought The Cinderella Murder by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke. Sadly I realized it was book two. I realized why is the book industry Pattersonizing more writers. James Patterson is the king of this he is a one man Harlequin with a new book or two each month with his name and one other. Tom Clancy at least when he had series which other writers wrote it said “created by Tom Clancy written by ...”. But now Mary Higgins Clark is doing this?

I miss the days when authors just stuck their names on magazines you knew other writers wrote the stories and articles with the authur just writing an article mo thly. Asimov was the best at this his monthly article was the reason to read the issues. MHC also had her own magazine, never read the issues.


I hope this is for MHC just a once a year thing. Her books with her daughter Carol are jusr dreck actually Carol’s books are awful. Carol’s Regan books are suppose to be comedy mysteries but more stupid then funny.

MHC is a very good writer, Weep No More My Lady, Loves Music Loves Dance and I Heard That Song Before are her three best. She deserves Queen of Suspense title. Although not in Agatha Christie’s league. Although none are for mystery and suspense.

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