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The Pedophiles Are Out in Full Force Today

I'm stepping out of the "Age of Consent" mainpage article for my own good, but Jesus Christ, humans — children are children. I saw one argument that because food hormones are causing girls to sexually mature at younger and younger ages, we should condone sex between a minor and an adult as the girls are now sexually "older."

Sexually maturity is not the same thing as emotional and mental maturity. I get that these people are trolls, but at the same time you know the disgusting 4Chan/Reddit/Kotaku people are not lying about their fetishization of children. If there's one thing that makes me want to give up on the human race, it's the justification of pedophilia as "natural" because somethingsomething cavemen, somethingsomething hormones.


At the end of the day, all of the anthropological science in the world doesn't change the fact that I was an idiot at 15 — as were all 15 year olds — and could not have handled a relationship with a 40 year old man or woman, regardless of how mature I thought I was.

Why don't "defenders" of ephebophilia just admit that they want an easily-trickable child to manipulate? It's the dating equivalent of wanting a puppy because it's easier to train, rather than a dog that's likely developed its own personality already.

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