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Welcome To The Bitchery

the peeling of my skin

Sorry if this is gross! I am not used to getting sunburnt so I need advice!

I got a sunburn from sitting outside at brunch on Saturday. My nose is still a little red but other than that its not noticeable. BUT. I feel my forehead being a little tight and I assume I am going to start peeling soon.


The internet gives me the obvious answers for how to stop this (drink water, moisturize, etc.) I have rubbed aloe and I moisturize often. Drinkin lots of water. Is there anything I can do to stop or mitigate this? Is it possible I won't peel? Is there a way I can peel gracefully???

Give me your hints pleaseeee. I have another big party this weekend where there will be lots of pictures, and I don't want to look splotchy (vain, I know, whatcha gonna do).

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