So, for a while there, I kind of avoided the main page. Not because I have some of the issues with it that some of you do(although I'm sure those issues are well founded) but rather that, as someone for whom jokes comprise 98.5% of the comments I make here, I found that making jokes on the main page was a tough thing. If your comments are in the greys either you get your jokes in quick(and I mean, like, within 5 minutes of the article posting quick) and they get seen or the joke sits forever in the greys, forever unloved and unappreciated. "Boy," I'd think "It sure would be neat to not be in the greys, then I could wander into a topic at any ol' time and make a joke and people would have to read it as they perused the comments, scrolling past my nonsense to see if someone actually said something worthwhile."

But now I am un-greyed and I've realized something terrible. My jokes will be seen by people. Before, when my jokes got no love, I could always rationalize it by saying nobody saw it. Now? Now my bad jokes just sit there. Seen by all. Rejected. Left to spoil like a big lump of mayonnaise sitting on my kitchen counter, getting smellier and more embarrassing by the minute.

So, I suppose, it's a mixed blessing. Also, I should probably clean my kitchen counter.