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The Phone Call That Changed My Life

Yesterday morning I was in a bad spot. Like everyone else, I was questioning why the events in Boston happened, and I was also proud to see the good of humanity in this world. I was trying to make sense of the senseless, but at the same time I was also emotional about how people went and put others before themselves.

I was crying, and didn't want to go to school, until I made one phone call.

The person I called was someone who my dad knew who was the best library science/author/professor in my area. He told me to call him that morning, and I did. And I was glad I could pull it together, because it changed my life.


He was a very nice man. He told me that the field of library sciences needed more women, and that women who enter the field had a chance of being executives, running foundations, and even writing (which is my other, but farfetched dream-I'll never be the next Joan Didion, but I want to try). He said to me that he was proud to talk to me, because he doesn't get the chance to speak to a lot of young women who have as much passion as I do to work in this field.

What he said-and this made me the happiest-is that he would help me in any way he could to get me into a great program. He offered me tours of some libraries that a lot of people don't get to see, and to introduce me to people that either run them, or are also prominent in the field. He wants me to come back to my home during the summer so he can do this for me. He wants me to keep in touch with him. I told him I was reading one of his books, and told him that his style was akin to one of my favorite authors. He told me he's never gotten a higher compliment, and that I impressed him greatly.

I was no longer weeping when I got off the phone. I was full of a feeling I rarely have-pride. I went to school with my head held high. I never do that. I was able to get to school, which was also a triumph. But this call-one call-has changed my life forever, and gave me the feeling of optimism and I was touched by his kindness and willingness to help a person he's never met. The phone call, I sincerely believe, changed my life. It brought me out of the dark. It brought me hope.

I know this sounds small, and personal. But if I hadn't mustered up the courage to call, and if I hadn't stopped weeping, I would not have felt so good about my future. I would not have been able to hold my head up so high that my neck (figuratively of course) hurt.


I wasn't able to tell anyone yesterday. I needed to tell people though. And since I trust the community here, I decided to share it here. I feel that my dream is going to come true. I have another person in my corner.

I've done a 360 from where I was a few years ago. And I am so happy right now. For someone to be so kind and helpful is something I rarely notice. I know now my dream will come true. I work hard and someone is willing to help me work harder.


I really wanted to tell someone, so why not a bunch of supportive and kind strangers in a forum I trust? Thanks for reading!

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