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...is my guilty pleasure TV of the moment. I have my DVR scheduled to record it, but I can't watch it when my husband is around cuz huge culture gap on this one. He's a recent immigrant from Taiwan while I have ancestors that literally did come across the prairies or road a boat around South America before the Civil War along with my American Indian ancestors who married those folks.

I'm also unique in that i knew my elders who literally did live the pioneer life. My great, great grandmother didn't die until my 20's and she grew up on her dad's homestead in WA state. It's even been preserved as a park, i'd name it but then it'd totally dox me :) My dad and his dad were the last 'white' (there's some suspicious holes in the family tree) migrant workers in CA and OR and some of his ancestors were the original white settlers in that part of the country. I have deeeeeeep roots on the west coast!


So yeah this is one of those things where our backgrounds really diverge and he just doesn't get it at all. Well that and my dad and my brother's fascination with rendez-vous/black powder meetups,lol. So today instead of doing more research i'm watching what i've recorded :)

So what's your guilty pleasure tv??

(as for the picture, it doesn't get any whiter than this!!)

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