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The Politics of Chicken Suits

Mr BerkRie and I were discussing the main page article yesterday about the Fed Chair's choice of attire during our morning commute. I brought up my opinion that, by harping on a woman's choice of clothing, it belittles her accomplishments, to which he agreed. Then I mentioned the angle of male privilege, that men can wear the same thing all the time and no one bothers them, that it puts women at a disadvantage to have to spend time and money on clothes when men do not. He thought about it, and emailed me the following response (shared with permission):


Mr BerkRie to Me Today at 10:35 AM

You're right that it sucks that they called her out on this and it's pointless. I would also say, had Obama or Romney worn the exact same suit, with the exact same tie, with the exact same shirt to back to back debates, some idiot would mouth off about it. I'm kind of sad Romney didn't, 'cause then we could have made robot jokes. Kind of like the old ford joke, you can get a model T in any color you want as long as it's black. Romney can wear any color he wants as long as it's grey and matches his special underwear.


As far as pro con on suits, suits are physically hot as hell! I can't imagine being up there on stage trying to make a good impression with all of those lights and not sweating like a pig. Nixon much? A skirt suit would be better for keeping cool. Before you say it, heals do suck, duly noted.

2nd downside for the guys is the tie. Here's a great idea, lets put something constrictive around your throat while you're supposed to be speaking, hmmmnnnn. I'd like to choke the guy that thought of that one. :) Doesn't that look like a dog leash to anyone else? I'm glad the tie is slowly fading away. However, it's old school and sexy, doesn't The Doctor wear a tie quite a bit? Mad Men? What is it with shit tied around your neck that people find sexy? However, I love the look of a black choker on you btw.

I hear you, that there is a double standard and it should end. It sucks it's wrong, but again, like most sexism it almost always hurts everyone. I hate calling this Male Privilege when it really isn't much of a privilege, sometimes the suit is good sometimes its not. Privilege is having the option to chose and in this example, nobody really has much of a choice without getting publicly shit on for breaking gender norms. Guys are boxed in to the suit and it's a god damn straight jacket. Women are locked into the skirt suit/pants suit, they do have a choice of color etc [that gives them an edge in visual competitions like debates, but in return] catch shit for it when people don't like it. Not seeing really great options here.

Fuck it, lets make it a rule that all debates and public discussions have to be held while wearing your choice of chicken suit, Bear Fucker suit from Super Troopers or some version of assless chaps. Which is redundant anyhow.

PS - hope this doesn't sound mad, cause I'm not. Trying for humor here, ... btw lets have some hot sex when we get home, if I don't fall asleep face first in my dinner.

Me To Mr BerkRie Today at 11:01 AM

Can I post this? Pretty Please? I'm dying here. There's tea on my keyboard. And yes to the hot sex.



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