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The Portland Meetup Happened and You Should Be Jealous

If I get screennames wrong let me know!

We started out at Prost on Mississippi. I got there first and found hedonismbot (since she looks like a Portland person and I look like a tourist from Kansas, I'm shocked that I found her before she found me). We were joined by vauxhallmarie aka vmarie and pez the destroyer and Oregon-Hurling-Beast and we drank and exchanged stories and dished on GT Gossip and Beast and I talked about Deadspin and the others gave us blank stares because apparently NO ONE HERE READS DEADSPIN (note: except vmarie because I apparently can't remember what people talk about).


The plan was to get food truck food from the carts outside Prost but for some reason, they hate money, because every food cart was closed. So we moved down the street to InterUrban and grabbed some food. At this point, I was a couple in and also I was nervous, so I'm pretty sure I dominated the conversation - at the next meetup, if it happens, feel free to do this:

Unfortunately, some very rude drivers on I-5 decided to get in an accident and slow traffic, so Beast and I were the whole of the welcoming party for greenheart and GreenHunk. We walked another block down and hit the Miss Delta so that the two Greens could get a bite and we could chat some more. Beast had to get back on the road himself, so the Greens and I headed next door to the Crowbar for some billiards (which I totally would have won if not for my massive ineptitude at pool).

All in all, it was a great night and we need to do it again soon. There are at least a few people that were unable to attend and we've got to make sure to rectify that! Thanks for a great night everyone!


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