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So I guess I didn’t listen when Mom said not to bring home the wild animals... but I saw a possum, it looked hurt... it’s in a cat carrier now.

Saw it scampering away, but it quickly began to circle in place, turning endlessly left, in a tighter and tighter spiral, occasionally stumbling. Finally it was just turning in place, falling down alot. Wrapped it in my chef coat and walked it home, put it in a basement corner. It didn’t seem to have the energy to struggle getting floomphed into a blanket...

Thinking of giving it water, and kibble for now... probably wearing an oven mitt to avoid biting or scratching...


Anyone who knows about what would be good for a hurt possum, please share:)


I am dumb. dumb. dumb. I did a bad thing, and it was a terrible mistake. No one should ever do the stupid thing I did. Hindsight has given me a whole fresh perspective, and many GTers had logical, helpful, caring, and awesome insight and advice. The system works :)

The Ohio Wildlife Center now has custody of this girl, and all the cashes I had to donates. I will now go boil all the clothings I’ve worn toady and scrub myself raw to avoid infection and shame.

They may email me updates, which I would happily pass forward, but for right now, I’m exhausted and can’t do any more replies. Thank you all for the help!!


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