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The post in which I'm the worst son in the world.

Oh man... I'm the other side of the world for the two big family events in June - Fathers day (two days ago) and Mum's Birthday (today).

Luckily my little brother (he's 28 and all grown up, but as he's 4" shorter, I'm entitled to call him that; much to his personal chagrin) is back in Blighty and able to sort out cards and presents (he's putting his legendary signature forging skills to good use). However, due to truncated timezone overlap and my penchant for saying goodbye to EVERY PERSON in Sydney, I missed the Father's day 1 hour window for Skype calling, leaving a video message instead.


So it's Mum's Birthday today and I have to run home from the pub (where I'm saying goodbye to my best guy mate over here- who just happened to kind of save my life in Central America- and this is the only time he can do) to home, quick Skype call to wish Mum a happy birthday, then run back to pub. Yay for no-diary-checking double bookings...

On top of that, I get Dad's email this morning, thanking me so much for the Whiskey my brother and I clubbed together for, admiring my socialising talents (adding them on Facebook seemed like such a good idea at the time) and then proceeding to let me know all of my divorce paperwork has come back with no problems and I'm ready to apply for the final stage - how can he help?

Seriously, my parents are the best, they put up with my terrible time management skills, a total lack of contact and they are happy to bend over backwards to act as carrier pigeons in one of the most punishing ordeals you can go through.

Feeling massively guilty right now... tonight's Skype call WILL happen, I WILL thank them both for everything and I WILL try to be a better son from now on.


This guilt shall pass.

/total nonsensical rant at self.

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