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The Problem With Audiobooks

I listen to A LOT of audio books. They're good for when I'm working, because I get bored otherwise. Everyone at my job does it, or they watch TV while they're working. It's a relaxed atmosphere. But it is unbelievable how much a bad narrator can totally ruin a book.

I'm currently listening to a gay romance novel about a blind guy who finds love in an unexpected place. It's fairly cliche, and not the greatest book I've ever (read? listened to? I'm never sure how I should phrase that). But you know, it's fine.


But jesus, this narrator sounds like Mr. Rogers, or someone's kindly grandpa who always has a peppermint in the pocket of his ancient tweed jacket with the leather patches on the elbows. And I bet this is a voice that works for a lot of books. I would totally listen to a self-help book narrated by this man. But in this book, there is...more adult content. And now all I can picture is Mr. Rogers reading it at story time to a group of children. This is not the mental image that I want, Audible!

Does anyone know how they chose narrators for these things? Do the narrators pick the books they want to read? Do the publishers pick the narrators? Either way, someone has made a grievous error in judgement with this pairing.

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