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The Problem with Dressing Indian

Once again we're entering the time of year when Native Americans get reduced to 'sexy' stereotypes. After my earlier post was met with honest queries of confusion and curiousity i figured a follow up may be needed. However Adrienne K covers this territory soo much better than I could, so let me insert her words here:


"These costumes are hurtful and dangerous because they present a false and stereotyped image of Native people. The public sees these images, and it erases our current existence, so the larger, contemporary issues in Indian Country then cease to exist as well. When everyone only thinks Indians are fantasy characters put in the same category as pirates, princesses, and cartoon characters, it erases our humanity. Have fun thinking through that one."

I would add that it also ignores the diversity of cultures and experiences withing Indian Country too. After all, in my grandmother's tribe eagle feathers weren't sacred until folks started going to pow wow's which weren't a thing there until recently (we used to have potlatch's).

I'll try to post a follow up with resources for educators later this month. :)

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