My mom just asked me if I wanted to make a pie. I said no, because if we make a pie I will feel obligated to eat the pie and I don’t really want to eat a pie right now. So of course, we are now making a peach pie.

I don’t love any of the probably millions of gluten-free pie crust recipes I have tried over the past five years, and neither does my mom. This means that we started changing the best recipe we have so far. I changed the flour blend, the type of fat (butter to shortening ratio) and was about to change the type of liquid when my mother stopped me because, “We shouldn’t change too many things at once.” I responded that what we should really do is make multiple pies. The first pie should be the original recipe, the second pie with the different flour blend, the third and fourth pies would be the first and second pies with different fat type ratios, the fifth through eighth pies would be the first four with different liquids, and then I realized the real reason I don’t like to make pie. Making one pie makes me want to make at least eight pies.

Our lack of filling ingredients stopped me from making more than one pie, but I found several odds and ends of fruits that would be enough to make ice cream. I guess instead of making a gazillion pierogi when I get to my new apartment on Friday, I’ll just make three pies?

Update: We don’t have the ingredients to make ice cream, but maybe we have them to make frozen yogurt. I’m thinking raspberry ripple? The ripples being raspberries in a honey/syrup/something?

New Update: we don’t have the ingredients for fro-yo either, but we can send my dad to the store on the way home from work! We are cobbling together several recipes and have consulted my mothers new book “The Flavor Bible” and will be making lemon basil frozen yogurt with a raspberry syrup (supplemented with reconstituted dried cherries because I ate too many raspberries while we were planning).