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Welcome To The Bitchery

The Queen's Speech

Watching literally the most privileged members of society, many of which are there because of birth, in a room covered in gold, wearing ridiculous costumes with fur, wigs and tiaras abound, telling us that we need austerity.

BONUS ROUND: Don’t forget selling off council houses, which we all know worked SO GREAT in the Thatcher years.


ETA: FUCK, I just noticed something so creepy and 1984ish in it! Under the immigration bill it says “Specifically, it will include a new offence of illegal working - with police given the power to seize the wages paid to illegal workers as the “proceeds of crime””, so basically they will take all your money before they deport you, leaving you destitute. Then, under this new offence, they can call you a criminal. Which makes this clause so much fucking worse: “all foreign criminals awaiting deportation will be fitted with satellite tracking tags.” LIKE THEY’RE FUCKING DOGS.

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