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The Real-Life-Scary Stuff thread! (Plz cross-post if you have privs)

So, honkhonkhonk has an idea for a post, and I like it!

“I am LOVING the halloweeny tales of terror rolling around the kinjaverse right now. Perfect for procrastination. However, my inner monologue belongs to Dana Scully, and I am consistently bored by supernatural stories (sorry). Could we have a crosstalk thread of real-life close shaves, near-misses, and terrifying encounters with the living? That one on Adequate Man about Ohio Dad and the bathroom graffiti was HAIR RAISING!”


So, can someone who has privs across the kinja multi-verse share this to the normal sub-outlets and blogs? It could be fun! And I don’t have any near misses, but I’m all for reading about yours! I’ll bump periodically!

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