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The Real Reason Why We Aren't Getting a Wonder Woman Movie Yet

I think it's safe to say that most of America is ready for a Wonder Woman movie, but I don't really think the US is the issue. Although we have a long way to go, I wouldn't say that America is the least progressive country when it comes to women's rights and equality. We had a very successful Wonder Woman television series nearly 40 years ago, our body is ready for you she-warrior, it has been ready for quite some time.


I'm not going to go into detail about global politics, I will admit I don't know much about it. As much as we want the world to be equal, it isn't. Racism and sexism are not just an issue in the US. I'm only speculating when I say that it is probably because of this that female superhero films aren't being made. World-wide success is a major influence on the types of big-budget films being made. It's been proven for about a decade now, that superheroes make money. They make money in the box office, they make money in merchandising, they make money in pretty much all the ways a film needs to make money these days. Superheroes have an existing fan base and they're recognizable and familiar. There's comfort in familiarity.

But look at Wonder Woman's outfit. Star Spangled and full of patriotism. Her story is derived in fightin' Nazis and Commies. Even if she is an Amazonian princess, she visually represents America, there's no denying that. On the wake of the Winter Soldier success, we might find more progress in the potential Wonder Woman success, but let's not forget that the first Captain America film. It was not regarded as a major success. Sure, it made money, but it didn't make enough money. Winter Soldier has already doubled the opening weekend profits of the first Cap movie. And although I can't speak definitively, I believe that success has a lot to do with The Avengers.

The Avengers mixed the widely successful franchises, mainly Iron Man and Thor, with the less successful Hulk and Captain America and somehow made those droopy uninteresting counterparts seem a little more marketable. Black Widow went from overly sexed pointless Iron Man character, to having a back story and motivation and the potential for a stand alone franchise.

As much as we want a Wonder Woman movie right now, it's going to take time. DC is on thin ice with their superhero films; Green Lantern was an epic flop, the Nolan Batmans had an expiration date to begin with, Superman Returns was an embarrassment and Man of Steel has mixed reviews. They just haven't picked up steam in the same way that Marvel's films have, and frankly, I'm glad that they are cautious with Wonder Woman, it shows that it actually matters how this character is portrayed. She has the potential to pave the way for some great female heroes, but she also has the potential to put a giant road block up. I think it is best to be careful and put out material that is worthy of success. And that takes more time and investment.


Women do not run the film industry. I wish we did, but we don't. And let's not forget, we're talking about Warner Brothers, not Sisters, although I wish it were sisters. Because that's the case, Wonder Woman has to prove that she can stand out in a group film. To be honest, I love the Justice League. As far as DC Comics is concerned, I prefer their group stories to the stand alone heroes. Superman is completely boring until you force him to team up with Batman, then they have such a humorous rapport between them.

I used to love the Justice League Animated Series because all the characters brought their own humor. Wonder Woman had a stern innocence to her that I liked. She was kind of, socially awkward and also a bad ass. I thought that was great. I'd like to see that kind of Wonder Woman rather than the 1970s lady detective gonna-kick-your-ass-and-look-fabulous Wonder Woman. That hero worked in the 70s, but it's not the kind of woman we need today. I don't want to see a carbon copy of Black Widow either, Wonder Woman is not Black Widow, she isn't as cool. She's more like Brienne of Tarth; strong and loyal, but a little bit weird and doesn't fit in. That's why I liked her in the Animated Series and that's the kind of Wonder Woman that I believe audiences will enjoy.


Now, give me a Wonder Woman gif party!

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