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The real star of the Gilmore Girls

After finishing the last episode of the Gilmore Girls for the second time in my life I sat down and thought about what I loved and hated about the show. Through the months we've spent a lot of time talking about different aspects of it and how differently we view the show now (as adults) than we did then (as younger versions of ourselves). Upon finishing this quest I realise what is the true star of the Gilmore Girls and why it touches me so deeply. And it isn't Lorelai || or |||.

This is a show about a girl and her mother, their relationship and a few years of their lives together (and sometimes apart). It's about talking fast, being witty, reading, drinking coffee, boyfriends and general quirkiness. But it's also about relationships. Not just trying and failing at romantic ones, but the ones that define us.

The real star of the Gilmore Girls is Stars Hollow and it's entire population. It's emphasized in the show that this place, above all other places, is home to them. And the people in it is what makes it so.


Over the seasons there have been many times when I was moved deeply, to tears or laughter, but it was rarely about one of the gentlemen callers in the show. It was because of the incredibly warm and welcoming home that they had there. That feeling of deep acceptance above all else. Of being a part of something larger than yourself. A knowledge that people will believe in you no matter what. Of investing in each other, even if you can barely stand each other. I can't even count the amount of grand gestures that town held for each other.

Lorelai and Rory had what I always hoped for. A loving and accepting home that reached much farther than their house or even their own family. Having grown up in a town where I was ridiculed for being different and teased relentlessly for many years and a home where I would often hear that he didn't want to see my face in his house anymore, this is a feeling I have always deeply longed for. I now live in a city where I've created a home. I have friends here and the kindest coworkers. But the city itself will forever feel cold and impersonal. To be able to step outside and see a familiar face, one that would genuinely wish you well even as you grudgingly say good day, seems like too much to wish for in this day and age.

In a world where distance is an ever present part of our lives and a sense of individuality reigns, the town of Stars Hollow seems like a warm bath. One I'd love to be a part of. Therefor I crown Stars Hollow the undisputed star of the Gilmore Girls and I'll accept no counter argument. ;)

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