So mrchien got whiff of an interesting job opportunity in NorCal and in a coastal city near the Bay Area. He almost applied but then we started looking at apts in the area and well we both ended up needing strong shots of our favorite spirits because the amount one has to pay for a studio, much less a two bedroom the size of our own was quite a shock.

I keep thinking that this isn't sustainable, but mrchien being the numbers guy pointed out that Manhattan is like this and things haven't imploded financially over there. Mrchien being the economist also pointed out that this may not implode for some time because of the number of foreign investors and flippers in the market. He's been reading piketty, so i suspect he was thinking of the rentier class. (yes i had to look it up)

I'm just bummed, because i was hoping to move someplace cooler and with better air. It's not that I don't like it here, its just that with my asthma and non-allergenic rhinitis i'm just cooped up indoors so I can breathe. I guess this means so much for moving back near our families, i told mrchien at this point we should just plan to take vacations on the coast so I can at least get a break from the air during the summer....

Feel free to share your rent/house buying horror stories, or just share random gifs to brighten my day :)