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The Rental Market Sucks

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This is why I have only moved once in the last 10 years.

So we lost out on the house we applied for yesterday because someone secured the application for it before we could. In the span of driving for 12 minutes, someone else applied to another place we looked at. And I had one cancel an hour before the showing because it was applied for. There are a couple of others that didn’t pan out because they were total dumps, including one where a cat bit me on the bare foot and I had to give the woman showing us rentals a ride.


We looked at a place today that we liked, not loved, and decided the risk of losing it was too high and decided to apply on the spot. It’s in a good location, and it’s got an adorable little back sunroom (which will inevitably become the dog’s playroom because he’s my little sunny boy). The landlord already said I’d be permitted to purchase a portable dishwasher for the kitchen, which is otherwise nicely updated.

It’s just so stressful, I’m feeling kinda defeated. Hopefully, we don’t get turned down for reasons.

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