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Endless frustration. I’ve got two main ones: my mom and my very close co-worker (whom I love spending time with, despite the fact she is an outspoken Trump supporter).

They are both feminist women. Now, they will never tell you, but they are. They are both pro-choice, pro-birth control, even pro-sluttiness.

They are both very, very sensitive to poverty and poor people. My mother just has a big bleeding heart, and my co-worker grew up in poverty and was a social worker for a number of years. They support minimum wage raises, my mom is a big fan of Obamacare since she was unable to get insurance for a while after my parents’ divorce, and my coworker is pretty worried about climate change, since our state (Louisiana) is being literally swallowed by the Gulf of Mexico everyday.


Yet these two motherfuckers are going to be voting more Republicans into various places of authority this fall. I mean, it’s not a mystery to me: they’re white (though not outspokenly racist in any way I can discern), they get some level of shock when they see how much they pay in taxes, and where both of them live, the government is completely fucking useless. They both feel they are owed something they’re not getting, and they both think that Democrats/liberals are the reason.

My mom says, “I can’t vote Democrat because they’ll raise my taxes” (even if I show her all the ways that her taxes won’t be raised). She also has a “bad feeling” about Hillary. My coworker thinks roughly the same thing.

I hate it: “I care about others in the world, but I will let them suffer to save a few bucks” is what that says.

Even though the states in question are red, and their individual votes won’t make any big differences in pretty much any election, they are still part of a widespread culture that demonizes liberalism for invalid reasons.


So terribly frustrating.

End vent.

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