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The right kind of woman

Do you ever think in any group that there is a right kind of woman and a wrong kind of woman and somehow you just never are able to be the right kind of woman?

I'm not even talking about rightwing morality. I know in progressive circles, there are expectations too. Often the right kind of woman are the types that then men think are the coolest. Sometimes there are other formulas that are hard to decipher. Am I too loud? TOO ENTHUSIASTIC? Too serious? Too annoying? Do I repeat myself too much?


Do I repeat myself too much?

Do I repeat myself too much?

Do I repeat myself too much?

And make bad jokes?

It's just something that always gets me. I never feel like as a woman, I'm living up to social expectations, which both angers me about me and angers me about everyone else. Somehow there is a cool girl template that I shall never fit.

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