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I feel like people (ok the media) are taking it as a win that the Supreme Court said Indiana’s law requiring that aborted tissue (aka fetal remains) must be buried or cremated can stand. Because the Court punted on the second part of the law and deferred to the lower courts which said it’s an undue burden to ban abortions based on a characteristic like sex or disability. Who’s taking bets that the Supreme dickcheeses want to kill Casey in one fell swoop sooner than later rather than pick away at it?

This is not a fucking win or a tie for abortion rights. I don’t know about you guys, but when someone says that “remains” must be “respected” what they’re saying (without saying it out loud) is that a fetus is a person. Which means it’s even easier to make the argument that a woman is NOT a person, but rather a vessel for another (more deserving and pure) person who enjoys far more rights.

Here’s the fucking creepy part: the law says women who take the “remains” with them when they leave the clinic can do whatever they want with them. Uh. That sounds like a recipe for having unsecured medical waste in people’s trash to me. It also sets up a fucked up idea that if a woman has an abortion she’s almost shamed into taking the “results” home. And of course Pence and his ilk assume she should be shamed.


So it’s not a win that the Supremes didn’t kill Casey today, because they killed another piece of woman’s rights instead.

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