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Welcome To The Bitchery

So after last recess today, two of my Grade 1 girls were complaining about a group of Grade 4 girls. The Grade 4 girls had created a club, and they invited one of my girls to be in it, though she didn't want to be. Then they told the other girl in my class that she couldn't be in their club. The girls also told me it was called "The Rocket Club."

I didn't quite get what was going on, but told them I'd talk to the older girls' teacher. Anyways, at the end of the day, I ran into a girl who they had mentioned as being part of the club. So I asked what this "Rocket Club" was about. She looked confused for a moment, and then said "Oh, the Rachet Club. I'm not in it, Jane* was trying to get me to join."

Ratchet club. Great. Context here: I teach at a school with a very diverse student population. The largest group is Black, with most coming from families of Caribbean origin, but with a sizeable population of recent immigrants from various parts of Africa. The next largest group is South Asian. The Grade 4 girls named as being part of the Ratchet Club are all Black, but the Grade 1 who was complaining they were trying to make her join is of Afghani origin, so at least they don't seem to see it as something exclusionary….

So anyways, I let the classroom teacher, who is incidentally, a man of Caribbean origin know that his girls had apparently formed a "Ratchet Club" and that there seemed to be some drama around it. And he looked at me and said "Ratchet Club? What does that mean exactly? Is it something to do with "Ghetto"?"

Anyways, he said he would have a chat with them and find out what was going on.

I dunno what a group of 9 year olds could possibly be getting up to in a "Ratchet Club".


*Obviously this star means that it is not her real name. :)

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