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During a performance of The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime, the roof of London's West End theatre, The Apollo collapsed. At this time, police fear that there are a "number of casualties."


If you're feeling the twinge of morbid curiosity, there are some photos of victims covered in a fair amount of blood, which I'm not going to share here. Moreover, I would strongly discourage you from seeking out as they don't appear to have been taken with the victims' permission and I regret having seen them.

You can, however, follow the BBC's Breaking News Twitter account here, which is not sharing photos at this time.


Needless to say, I hope as many people as possible are safe and unharmed.

Update: All casualties trapped in the theatre have now been freed.

Update 2: The Evening Standard has reported that the roof collapsed on a balcony, causing it in turn to collapse. 88 people are reportedly injured, 7 of those are "seriously" injured and have been taken to hospital. Those less seriously injured but still in need of care took the bus.


No confirmed deaths at this time.

A message from Nick Hardy, the Kingsland fire station manager:

"In my time as a fire officer I've never seen an incident like this. I imagine lots of people were out enjoying the show in the run-up to Christmas. My thoughts go out to all those affected.

"Firefighters worked really hard in very difficult conditions and I'd like to pay tribute to them. Fortunately all those who were trapped have been rescued and treated for injuries or taken to hospital."

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