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The sad state of people you went to high school with

I used to reserve my facebook for people who I am actively friends with. But about a year ago I started adding people that I used to be friends with in an effort to perhaps do some catching up. What I have found is that 1/2 of these people are doing great and have carved out beautiful lives for themselves. Bravo! The other half are worse off than they were 10 years ago.

One girl in particular was my best friend during freshman year of high school. I transferred to a private catholic school and didn't know a single person. She was my first friend there and we spent a ton of time together. She comes from an incredibly nice family where her grandma (who lived on the farm next door!) would make giant pancake breakfasts every Saturday morning. You know whose house I was sleeping at on Friday nights...


Anyway, she is just so fucking messed up now. A week ago I watched her battle it out on her facebook page with a couple of losers over something stupid, which escalated when one of them recalled the time that she "sucked and fucked her way to California, doing dope the whole way". She ended up threatening them with a gun and all sorts of other crazy shit. This is a 31 year old woman, fyi. She was such a bright young girl. All of her photos are selfies where she looks drugged out of her skull. I was so excited to get back in touch with her. I had visions of us grabbing cocktails and reminiscing about the good old days. But to be honest, this is someone who I would never allow into my life in any possible way.

I don't know...it just makes me really fucking sad. Do you have any similar experiences?

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