So as many of you know we're in the midst of dealing with infertility. And this cycle I messed up. I missed a dose of clomid. No big deal according to my doc, take the skipped pill asap and then take the other at the set time. So that is what I did.

I think I made a mistake...

For the last twenty four hours I've been a hot flashy heap of tears. I got home from the movies Sat. night and went to bed and promptly sweated like I'd just tried to do laps in a pool. And then I kept waking up to use the bathroom. Not fun. So I didn't get a decent night of sleep.

I'm in grad school,a teacher emailed out another off syllabus assignment over the weekend. >:[

Sunday I started crying hard for no real reason. Just felt sad. I'm not going to harm myself, but I'm barely functioning. Poor mrchien had to hang out and hold his crying wife, cuz Clomid. He also brought me ice and the magical cooling towel that works by snapping it.

In between the tears, more sweat. And snot cuz I'm one of those kind of cryers. Oh and inexplicably cold feet while I'm sweating.


I did manage to finish a paper, but I haven't started on the presentation that's due Monday/today. But it's only ten minutes, so it shouldn't take that long..right?

Moral of the story, don't take clomid while in grad school. I'll be sweating and crying while curled up on my bed for the next ten minutes.

Feel free to share your stories of irrational emotions...