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I’m one of those blessed individuals where my cycle can tip me over into a temporary depression, cuz hormones. I think it’s payback for not having cramps. For the most part I know it’s temporary and I try to lean back into my therapy stuff and engage in soothing activities. But sometimes I lose that battle.

The worst part of it though is things that I could normally shake off just get amplified. For example I had an interaction on social media that pretty much confirmed that the writers for the Jezebel are kind of cliquish and mean. Normal Gray Cat just shakes that shit off and takes it as a reminder as to why I limit my activism for offline and my own community. On a day like today it becomes a bit of a “I’m a loser spiral” Which I know isn’t true, but the hormones lie you know.

So yeah, i’m crying right now and eating chocolate. I’m not suicidal, just sad because my body is out of what for a while. Feel free to share your ways of coping or triggers. Or feel free to send warm fuzzy/funny gifs. I may try to log off and see if i can sleep this off.


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