Good morning GT! Its been a chilly one for me, as my no-heating saga continues.

I left work on Monday mid-day to go home and meet the HVAC guy who was coming since TL's maintenance guys had said they couldn't find the problem. However, when I walked in the door, it was warm. I don't know what the maintenance guys did, and I don't think they do either, but whatever it was had gotten the heat back on. So, since I had already commuted back home for no reason, I waited for the HVAC guy so he could take a look for anything obviously wrong. But he didn't find anything either.

Fast forward to this morning, my heat is off again (it was working when I went to bed). I've been in touch with TL but have no details yet on what's being done and when, so I've just cleared my schedule as much as I can.


GT, I just want a house that is warm. Is that too much to ask?