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So my office aircon has been broken for about 3 weeks, in that time the weather has got nice in London so the office being a 1960's not opening windows greenhouse has become unbearable. On Friday they finally brought us a nice portable aircon that vents into the vent and actually makes the office temp bearable, not cool, bearable. Today at 11am my managers decided to turn it off, because it’s loud. I grant them they sit much closer to it so it’s louder than in the opposite side of the room I’m on but they also sit in the part of the office that is 3 degrees colder (without aircon) than me. So they think oh, “it’s not that hot anymore let’s turn it off” before the benefit of the cooling has really reached me. Then they turn it off so it won’t reach me, then they all go to a meeting. I turned it back on 10 minutes after the agreed time and the machine told me that it’s 28 degrees in the far corner, so it’s probably 31 in mine.

/rant. tldr: my office has an aircon my bosses turned off and I’m premenstrual and crabby as hell.

What’s up with you guys?

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