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The Satanic Temple is wicked feminist

Did you guys hear about this? The Satanic Temple is going to use the bullshit Hobby Lobby court decision to exempt its followers from anti-abortion legislation. It's pretty brilliant, really. Why aren't more groups doing this?

Specifically, they're going to exempt their followers from the "informed consent" crap (which amounts to a requirement to read pro-life material before getting an abortion) that is required in 35 states.

Because the Satanic Temple bases its belief "regarding personal health…on the best scientific understanding of the world, regardless of the religious or political beliefs of others," it claims that state-mandated information with no basis in scientific fact violates its "religious" beliefs.

Spokesperson Lucien Greaves said that the Supreme Court's recent Hobby Lobby decision bolsters their case. "While we feel we have a strong case for an exemption regardless of the Hobby Lobby ruling," he said, "the Supreme Court has decided that religious beliefs are so sacrosanct that they can even trump scientific fact. This was made clear when they allowed Hobby Lobby to claim certain contraceptives were abortifacients, which in fact they are not."


Love it. Way to be, Satanists.

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