Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The scaries.

SOOO, I got followed to my front door just now by a drunk man yelling that I'm a bitch because I didn't stop to talk to him re: my legs. I had no idea he'd even spoken to me until he started screaming because I was on my cell phone. Even if I did realize that he spoke to me, I have no duty to talk to him.... Last week, my neighbor stopped me twice in the morning before work to tell me how much he enjoys watching me walk around the neighborhood. Because it's not at all creepy to tell someone you've been watching them. This neighborhood gets so fucking horny when it's warm. I AM SORRY MY LEG FROM KNEE TO ANKLE IS SO ENTICING. I was not aware that men fetishized cankles!

I move in 8 days. FUCK YEAH.


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