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My little cabbages! So sorry this post is going up late!

Anyway, I just wanted to give you lovelies a bit of a peek into the perfumes I'm currently obsessed with and plan to wear all spring and summer long! The sun is FINALLY out, so I am feeling justified in my springtime love.

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These little beauties are from a company called Atelier Cologne (click the name to check out their website!). The brand is the first Parisian Maison de Perfume (first ever, really) dedicated entirely to cologne.

Oh, are we all a bit confused on the difference between a perfume and a cologne? It's not, as commonly assumed, merely a 'male' and a 'female' version of scent. They're actually very different things, though especially in the United States today 'cologne' has come to indicate a male scent. In 1709, chemist Johann Farina created the world's first Eau de Cologne, blending citrus and cedar and naming it for his hometown of Cologne, Germany. To this day you can still buy the original formulation, and much like only sparkling wines made in the Champagne region of France can be called Champagne, this is the only formula that can be called Cologne. Traditionally, a cologne is made with a very low concentration of essential oils, which means the top notes of the scent are the most important, and it will fade after just a few hours on the skin. These factors mean that it is the cheapest per-ounce of the eau de toilette/perfume/cologne family.

Atelier Cologne, however, has taken the traditional cologne formulations and citrus/musk scents, and applied many of the same techniques perfumeries use. Founded in 2010, they've quickly taken the perfume world by storm - opening shops in New York and Paris and selling their wares through countless online shops. Each scent in their collection is meticulously designed to evoke memories and places from the past, blending fragrances and oils and memory together seamlessly. They've named them 'Cologne Absolue', and they are absolutely fantastic. The biggest difference between the Absolues and a regular cologne is staying power - I've put these on in the morning and still been able to smell them in the evening, which is amazing staying power for a scent of any kind.


I want to talk to you about the two pictured above - my favorite of their collections and possibly the most reached-for scents in my entire collection. Which is, sad to say, pretty extensive.

Orange Sanguine

Base Notes: Tonka bean from Brazil, sandalwood from Indonesia, cedar wood from Texas


Heart Notes: Jasmine from Egypt, geranium from South Africa, black pepper from Madagascar

Top Notes: Blood orange from Italy, bitter orange from Spain, red mandarin from Italy


This cologne is going to be my go-to this spring, there is no doubt about that. An almost spicy blend of oranges and mandarin, that mellows out into a delicious blend of florals and woods, it's evocative of a beautiful summers day on the Mediterranean. I'm not normally one to go for scents that are highly floral or citrusy, but this is complex enough that I just love it.

Vanille Insensée

Base Notes: Vanilla from Madagascar, oakwood from England, amber

Heart Notes: Jasmine from Egypt, Haitian vetiver, oak moss from Slovenia

Top Notes: Coriander from Russia, cedrat from Italy, lime from Mexico

This cologne has been, for almost a year now, my absolute favorite. I never ever ever thought I would like a vanilla-based scent, but one whif of this and I was absolutely in love. It's rich, complex, and enticing, offering just the right blend of 'come hither' and 'be careful'. It is spicy, sweet, innocent and dangerous all at once. The smell just sort of melts all over you, relaxing you, and seducing you oh so gently. Not sure I'll ever be able to give this one up, and am honestly not sad about that. Now, to be able to justify the cost of the 200mL bottle!


Honestly, mes petites, I'm not sure I've ever been able to recommend a brand more. These are fantastic, and absolutely worth it. I got these tiny bottles on offer at Sephora, they're all of 7mL each, but I honestly believe they will last me months, and the larger bottles will easily last years with daily use. I've yet to experience any sort of breakdown in the scent after I've been using it for a while, so while I'm sure there is some it's not very noticeable.

Do you have perfumes or colognes that you're kind of in a relationship with? Tell me all about them!


Ciao! Bisous!

*disclaimer - I know I'm very effusive in this post, just know that this was not sponsored in any way, and I purchased these products with my own money.

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