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The "Senators" Hockey Team Name Is Offensive

...according to Pat Sajak. Because white people need a team name to be offended by, too!

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I clicked so you don't have to: I found this talked about on the Tea Party News Network under the headline,

Pat Sajak is Offended by a Pro Sports Team Name and it's Not the Redskins.

It originates from the following Tweet:


We white people are the real victims in this Redskins business. Look how many times people are using racist slurs against us, like calling us "senators?" You know, the next time I am walking down the street and some brown person is all, "Hey, you, over there, Senator! Go back to to DC!" I'm going to lose my shit.


There is, of course, no elaboration on why this is offensive, whom exactly it offends, or why anyone need take a political stance on this when the clear answer is "how about not be racist anymore and show we're better than our genocidal ancestors?"


Nevertheless, my small Tea Party brainwashed branch of the family is all excited about this Tweet on my Facebook feed. Lo, the cycle of idiocy continues. On that note, don't read the comments. Except I posted that paragraph about being called the s-word on the street there because I couldn't help myself. I am a glutton for punishment.



I didn't *get* it because I'm not up to date on Canadrama, so it was most the Tea Party News Network's headline that really caught me off guard. Plus, Sajak has been known to align himself with them, haha.

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