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The sewing saga continues!

A while back, I posted that I really wanted to learn to sew. I've been going through various resources (blogs, books, sites, etc) to sort out what I need to actually set up a sewing corner.

I've been reading S. E. W. - Sew Everything Workshop like it's a Harlequin novel, and a good amount of what I did know has been coming back to me. I'm also stunned by many of the basics I didn't learn because my mother assured me that they were "too hard." Like, I was not aware that sewing machines had automatic buttonhole makers. I thought darts required an advanced degree. I was lead to believe that sewing with anything but cotton was asking for angst and pain.


Y'all, I have come to the realization that maybe my mother is not good at crafting.

Anyway, I've been putting together a list, and I'd like to know what other sewing GTer's think of it. Some things I already own, but I'm sure I'm missing a few tools that could make my life easier.

Just to be clear, this is not a "Please buy me stuff!" list. It's a list for me to keep stuff straight.



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