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The Show-Up-Unannounced-To-Win-Her-Back Move - Cute or Douchey?

We've all seen it before. Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy and girl date long distance. Girl is dissatisfied. Girl breaks up with boy. Boy is distraught and vows to do whatever it takes to win her back. Girl does not respond to boy's messages. Boy shows up unannounced at girl's door after traveling long distances to show how serious he is about winning her back. Should girl take him back?

On the one hand, extravagant gestures work for a reason. Many of my gal pals said they would expect such a gesture, especially if it was a serious relationship.


I, on the other hand, think it's sort of disrespectful of her clear wishes. I also think it's annoying, presumptuous, and unattractively pushy to just show up at her door and force her to talk to him.

What's your take?

ETA: Since the consensus is "it depends," here's a little context on my friend's situation. Friend is the boy. They've been dating exclusively and long distance for about two years. But he's never told his parents about her because they would disapprove that she's of a different race. Plus, due to their careers, they are going to be long distance for at least another year, maybe more. Girl just finally got fed up that he wouldn't own up to his relationship to his parents, and interprets it to mean there's no serious chance of marriage. So there was no single terrible event, just long festering dissatisfaction. Since the break up, Friend has told his parents, who turned out to be fine with the whole deal. He is now mystified that she won't have him back, and is determined to make it work.

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