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The side-effect of health kicks

After months of gentle nudging, Mr. Cunning has decided to seriously consider his health, rather than viewing it as a thing that is done unto him. He’s going to start going to the gym, and is seriously revising his diet. Yay! There’s a downside, though.


Whenever he’s back on a kick, he questions everything I eat and do. “Are you sure you should eat that? Aren’t there healthier options? I think you should stop using X. I read a blog post that it’s bad for you. Why did you buy Y?! It’s poison! You should order altY from this specialty shop that takes forever and never offers tracking numbers!”


I’ve created a monster :( Yes, he’ll be healthier, but I fear for my pu pu platters and Splenda-filled coffees.

Is this a universal spouse thing, or am I uniquely blessed?

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