I prefer my murder mysteries sprinkled with humor ala Major Crimes, H50. This is not that its the utter opposite.

Cora killed a man on the beach with witnesses. She confessed, everyone saw her, husband pulled her away, no question of “did she do it”.


The question is why? Why did she do it. She admitted never seeing victim before. She does not know him. He was a stranger.

Yet we do know. The night before her husband wanted sex and she obviously did not want to but she agreed. Unless he is a complete blind idiot its hard to believe he did not figure out she agreed but really did not want to. The sex scene she was just staring off into space. Not sure if this qualifies as spousal rape? I would think so since there is no way he could not have known she really did not want to have sex.


At the beach the victim and his girlfriend were horsing around and he went on top of her. It was obvious they were not going to have sex and they were in the middle of the beach. It was obvious they were a young couple playimg aroud.

Cora went up with a knife she was using to slice fruit for her toddler and stabbed victiim repeatedly in neck and torso.


Flashbacks to her childhood. She prayed as a child (5?) with her father but she did not want to pray for her mother. Next flashback is with her mother and newborn who is all discolored and raspy. Mother said to Cora giving birth to her was like having three kids and implied its her fault her sister has health problems.

My mother suspects her father molested her and the beach scene was a trigger to her childhood.


Bill Pullman the president in Independence Day.is the detective who appears divorced and friends with a prostitute who likes stepping on his fingers.