A friend of mine who is staunchly Catholic posted this Buzzfeed article on facebook a second ago. I guess it was supposed to show that being anti-abortion is not just a "crazy religious thing." She also explicitly mentioned that she understood that one of the main criticisms of the anti-abortion crowd is that they usually do support war and the death penalty, but that she supports neither because all life is sacred. Which... I guess, kudos for at least being logically consistent.

I'm not about to fight with her about it on facebook because I actually really like this person and at the end of the day, it's neither one of our business if the other has an abortion. As in, it'll never be a practical problem between us. But I do still think this article doesn't really prove anything other than that "personhood" is still very hotly debated.

That's what a lot of the signs are basically about. They think fetuses are people, and people shouldn't die. Which makes sense if you believe that, but fetuses aren't people! One of the signs even explicitly says that human rights begin in the womb. Which... I think is debatable. There's even a feminist or two in there whose logic is, "the only reason we even need to kill the babies is because women are historically oppressed." The oppressed part is spot on, honey, but how is forced birth helping to stop that? (Oh, look, she's white. Big surprise.)

I guess, what it really comes down to, is a woman't right to choose. Because personally, the way I see it, even if you think fetuses are precious little angels, you have to agree that a woman shouldn't be forced to house said fetus if she doesn't want to, and making her do so is cruel. Pregnancy is... not so fun or easy for everyone, and it's a medical condition that can be dangerous depending on your specific circumstances. At the end of the day, I do think that the rights of the mom always, always, always, always, always, always, always, (ad infinitum) supersede any presumed rights of the fetus, and even the rights of the presumed father of said fetus. Because no matter how helpful or supporting someone wants to be for you, YOU are still the one who has to be pregnant for 9 months and poop out a baby. I've said that here before and gotten flamed, but honestly, I really don't care. I think in this day and age when a family has to fight the government for the right to prevent a woman's dead body from being artificially kept alive in order to house a brain-dead fetus that won't survive, it's important to take a hard-line on adhering to the wishes of the woman who is the one who will be forced to undergo any and all procedures.


The only thing I can really give them is that I suppose, being secular, they aren't opposed to preventative birth control, so I presume they believe that women should have the right to not get pregnant in the first place. But accidents happens. Condoms breaks, and BC pills are conunter-acted by other meds sometimes. What happens then? Tough shit?