Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The mister and I were just recapping our New Year's Eve celebration, since we sat around like unspeaking hungover slugs yesterday, just watching movies.

Have you ever seen an entire room turn on a friend for an idiotic comment? Well, that's how we rang in 2015. Allow me to paint you the scenario.

10 minutes to midnight, the party turns on the TV in preparation for the Ball Drop. The host selected whatever channel featured Carson Daly (no, I don't know why) who was joined by some other middling celebrities, including Chrissy Tiegen.


"Who's that?" Asks the soon-to-be shamed gentleman.

"Chrissy Tiegen," says one young woman.

"Oh," says he. And, perhaps bolstered with liquid courage continues, "she seems kind of fat."

I have never in my life seen an entire party turn on a friend in such an effective and visceral manner. For a moment, there was silence, perhaps only the sound of steam coming out of the ears of every lady in the room could be heard. And then everyone started talking at once. Everything from sarcastic "what a heifer" to entirely serious "fuck you" came out in a flurry. It was ridiculous. And rather inpressive, as this one friend has a seriously shitty history with objectifying women.

Happy New Year, indeed.

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